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Written Feedback

Written feedback to students on artefacts of their work

ASSIST-ME suggests the following steps to increase the quality of written feedback to students:

  1. Students produce certain artefacts (lab reports, ideas for experiments, journals, mind-maps, portfolios etc., see an example here) associated with the competence in focus.

  2. Teachers give feedback to the students focused on their artefacts. Written feedback is given to individual students via paper or web based platforms.

  3. Teachers' feedback is supported through specially designed templates which provide a check-list with the competence in focus for the lesson/the teaching unit and learning progressions.

  4. Upon receiving comments from the teacher, each student revises the relevant artefact, taking into account the feedback received.

Example of a teaching plan for the competences of investigations in science and argumentation in biology

Competence: Investigations in science and argumentation

Educational level: Upper Secondary (ages 15-17)

Context: Denmark

This example is a teaching plan for a teaching unit which consists of 18 lessons in total. The example contains learning objectives with corresponding learning progressions, schematic descriptions of lessons, activity plans, and an assessment plan.

Example: Written feedback and self-assessment to student protocol

Assessment method: Written feedback (and self-assessment)

Competence in focus: Problem solving in mathematics

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