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Structured Assessment Dialogue

Combining formative and summative assessment through a structured assessment dialogue

ASSIST-ME suggests the following steps to increase the quality of "structured assessment dialogic feedback:

  1. Teachers develop teaching and learning materials targeting the competence in focus.

  2. The teaching plan includes a ritualized conversation (5 minutes) between one student (the student in focus) and the teacher, based on the student's preparation and the teacher's filled-in template mirroring the demands for the competence to be assessed. The teacher has prepared questions that will help mapping student attainment of learning goals in terms of learning progression.

  3. This is followed by a peer-feedback phase, where the student in focus discusses the dialogue with a group of feedback students (What would be needed in order for the student-teacher dialogue to better cover the learning goal?).

    The feedback students are instructed on guidelines for the feedback beforehand.

  4. During these two interactions, the rest of the class observes and reflects on their own understanding.

  5. In the end, all students write down reflections about their perceived level of achievement and future learning path using a student self-reflection tool.

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