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WP6: Transform Results into National Contexts – University of Copenhagen

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WP6: Transform Results into National Contexts

WP6 is governed by University of Copenhagen (UCPH).


  • To assure a national stakeholder involvement throughout the project.

  • To align the research processes with the understanding and perspectives of the stakeholders for enhancing the feasibility of the results.

  • To secure a meaningful communication between researchers, teachers, and stakeholders (including policy makers).

  • To refine the project's assessment methods and procedures based on stakeholder feedback.

  • To select the main findings and describe them in easily understandable formats.


Deliverable number


D 6.1 Social Network Analysis Method - Method for mapping stakeholder networks
D 6.2

National Stakeholder Panel Guidelines

D 6.3

Report with National Stakeholder Panel Feedback

D 6.4 Illustrative Examples: A sample of illustrative examples of the use of formative assessment methods in inquiry-based education
D 6.5 Assessment Transformation Package