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WP2: Synthesize Existing Research – University of Copenhagen

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WP2: Synthesize Existing Research

WP2 is governed by University of Kiel (IPN).


  • To review what we know about formative and summative assessment of competences in STM and what methods can work to improve student outcomes, including use of ICT tools.
  • To collect recent work that has been conducted in the partner countries on assessment in STM.
  • To synthesize the outcomes from other EU-projects on IBE, e.g., Mind The Gap, S-TEAM, ESTABLISH, Fibonacci, INQUIRE, Primas, SAILS.
  • To formulate an operational definition of IBE related to STM and give guidelines for measuring the degree of IBE.
  • To provide recommendations for WP4 and WP5.

This work package has provided a review of the existing research on inquiry-based education in STM with a particular focus on the role that formative and summative assessment play for successful learning in STM classes. Beyond the synthesis of international research literature, particular emphasis has been be put on collecting data about the current research on assessment in all partner countries. Thus WP2, led by IPN, has formed a basis for the development of new ideas in formative assessment in inquiry-based STM education (see WP4 and  WP5).


Deliverable number


D 2.1 Guidelines for partner countries to facilitate collecting national research on assessment
D 2.3 National reports of partner countries reviewing research on formative and summative assessment in their countries
D 2.4 Report on current state of the art in formative and summative assessment in IBE in STM – Part I and part II
D 2.5 A definition of inquiry-based STM education and tools for measuring the degree of IBE
D 2.6 Report of outcomes of the expert workshop on formative assessment in STM and IBE
D 2.1-2.6 Recommendation report