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WP1: Project Management – University of Copenhagen

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WP1: Project Management

WP1 is governed by University of Copenhagen (UCPH).


  • To create and maintain a harmonious, balanced and mutually beneficial environment within the consortium for all partners and enforce high standards for project deliverables.

  • To interface with the European Commission and other institutions involved in innovative processes and with specific programmes and development strategies.

  • To manage the overall consortium’s legal, contractual, financial and administrative aspects; ensure that partners obtain audit certificates and financial security when requested by the Commission.

  • To ensure overall quality of project deliverables throughout the duration of the project in relation to their objectives.

  • To ensure that each work package is in step with all other work packages and that there are enough resources to carry out the work planned at any point throughout the project.
  • To seek high visibility for the project through project website, the SCIENTIX platform, regional networks and media.


Overview of the Project Management