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This page allows researchers to study formative and summative assessment methodologies and practices in different educational systems.

The ASSIST-ME project has four main research questions that sought to investigate how summative and formative assessment can be combined across various European educational contexts:

  1. What are the main challenges related to the uptake of formative assessment in the daily practices in science, technology and mathematics in primary and secondary schools in different European educational systems?

    1.1 In their efforts to enact innovative inquiry-based teaching sequences, how do       teachers approach the need to monitor student learning as it develops? To         what extent do they use structured formative assessment and in what                 formats?
    1.2 What systemic support measures and what tools do teachers need in order         to integrate fotmative assessment of student learning in their clasroom               practice?

  2. What changes are needed in summative assessment practices?

    2.1 To bring them into consistency with the learning aims of IBE in STM?
    2.2 To ensure that they support and do not inhibit the practice of formative              assessment?

  3. How can formative and summative assessment methods including the use of ICT be used together to promote learning in inquiry-based STM?

  4. How can research based strategies for the use of formative/summative assessment be adapted to various European educational traditions to ensure their use and avoid hindrances?

    4.1 How can the diverse roles of summative and formative assessment be                clearly delineated for teachers and what strategies can help them make              appropriate use of both, each to fit its own purposes?
    4.2 How can relevant stakeholders be invited to take co-ownership to the                research results and how can a partnership between researchers, policy              makers, and teachers be established in order to secure relevant actions              following implementation guidelines?

Read more about the background for these research questions in the ASSIST-ME project proposal.

For each of the assessment methods investigated in the ASSIST-ME project, you can find the research designs through the links below:

Click here to find the public project outcomes from all seven work packages.