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Assessment methods and implementation

During the ASSIST-ME project various assessment methods will be tested in order to make an empirically grounded research base for the project.

Implementation rounds

In the beginning of the second phase of the ASSIST-ME project four assessment methods were designed. In order to test the designed methods, the methods will be implemented in selected primary and secondary schools in Europe. During the project three implementation rounds will be carried out, lasting 6 months each.

The first implementation round began in September 2014, and ran until the first of February 2015. The first round was seen as a trial round were teachers and researchers had the opportunity to get to know each other, understand the research designs and work through whatever obstacles that may appear during an implementation round.

The second implementation round will run from February 2015 until the summer of 2015 with the end of the school year.

The third implementation round will run from august 2015 until February of 2016.

Assessment, research designs and competencies

In each partner country teachers from primary and secondary schools are a part of the ASSIST-ME project. In the classes the teachers will, during the implementation rounds, evaluate their students based on the different designed assessment methods. In order for the researchers to capture these assessment methods in a research setup, the methods have been transformed into five research designs.

The teachers will during the implementation rounds implement inquiry based science education (IBSE) in their classes. In addition to this the teachers will design their teaching so that it promotes selected key STM competencies.

Each partner country will together with their teachers choose the research designs and competencies they are interested in working with during the implementation rounds.

Listed the ASSIST-ME project is working with:

4 assessment methods:

  • Questioning and other interactions on the fly
  • Structured classroom dialogue
  • Marking (grading and feedback)
  • Student peer and self-assessment

5 research designs:

  1. Interactions ”on the fly”
  2. Structured Classroom Dialogue
  3. Marking (Graded and written comments)
  4. Marking (Graded and written comments)
  5. Peer feedback

6 competencies:

  • Empirical investigations in science
  • Problem solving in mathematics
  • Design in engineering/technology
  • Argumentation
  • Modelling
  • Innovation

The first three competencies are subject specific and will be the same for each implementation round. The last three competencies are generic, and can be used for all subjects.

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