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Project overview

Assess Inquiry in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education

The overall aim of ASSIST-ME project has been to provide a research base on effective uptake of formative and summative assessment for inquiry-based, competence oriented Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) education. This was done in primary and secondary schools in different educational contexts in Europe. The research base was used to give policy makers and other stakeholders guidelines for ensuring that assessment enhances learning in STM education. In order to do this, the project goes through three phases shown below.
Phase 1 is about establishing a foundation for the project. This phase consists of an analysis of what is known about summative and formative assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to key STM competences and an analysis of European educational systems.

Phase 2 is about finding results. Based on the analysis from Phase 1 the project will in Phase 2 design a range of combined assessment methods. These methods will be tested in primary and secondary schools in different educational cultures in Europe in order to analyse the conditions that support or undermine the uptake of formative assessment related to inquiry processes.

Phase 3 is about influencing and dissemination. In Phase 3 the resulting synthesis of opportunities and restrictions for implementing an assessment culture using both formative and summative approaches will be evaluated and discussed in relevant forums. This will be done in order to formulate guidelines and recommendations for policy makers, curriculum developers, teacher trainers and other stakeholders in the different European educational systems.

The project consists of seven work packages. Each work package is concerned with different aspects of the ASSIST-ME project. As the projects goes through each of the three phases focus will be put on each of the work packages. Read more about each of the work packages here.