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Policy Makers

This page allows policy makers to inform decision making on curriculum design, teacher training and assessment strategies at institutional, regional and national levels taking into account relevant system characteristics and variables.

The ASSIST-ME project has worked within the following four main areas, where we sought to investigate how summative and formative assessment can be combined across various European educational contexts. Click on each of the areas to get more information about the National Stakeholder Panel perspectives.

  1. The main challenges related to the uptake of formative assessment in the daily practices in science, technology and mathematics in primary and secondary schools in different European educational systems

  2. Changes needed in summative assessment practices

  3. How formative and summative assessment methods including the use of ICT can be used together to promote learning in inquiry-based STM

  4. How research-based strategies for the use of formative/summative assessment can be adapted to various European educational traditions to ensure their use and avoid hindrances

Learn more about the background for the research questions in the ASSIST-ME project proposal.

To read recommendations for each of these policy areas from each of the partner countries, click on the country below and go to the Policy Recommendations in the country language