ASSIST-ME is a high level research project that investigates formative and summative assessment methods to support and to improve inquiry-based approaches in European science, technology and mathematics education.

ASSIST-ME is an abbreviation for Assess Inquiry in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education.

Based on an analysis of what is known about summative and formative assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes, the project designed a range of combined assessment methods. These methods were tested in primary and secondary schools in different educational cultures and contexts in Europe.

Summaries of the research and results are available through the links below. The teachers link contains the assessment methods and the materials teachers used to assess them. Teachers and teacher educators can use these materials to assist them in transforming their current teaching and assessment practices. The researchers link contains an overview of the research questions, the research designs, and the project outcomes. Researchers can use these materials to validate and innovate assessment methods in their own contexts. The policy makers link contains the research questions, conclusions from national stakeholders about the utility of project results in various contexts.



Policy makers